FAQs about cremation

Considering Cremation? Think about this:

  1. Do you own and operate the crematory?
  2. Does your price include the crematory charges?
  3. Does your price include all cremation containers?
  4. Does your price include the timely removal of my loved one’s remains
    from the place of death even after hours or on weekends?
  5. Does your firm have on-site refrigeration facilities?
  6. May I inspect the crematory and/or be involved in the process if I wish?
  7. May I plan and/or pay online so I do not have to make multiple visits to
    your office?
  8. Here at All County Cremation we can answer YES to all these important questions and save you from repeating the same conversation over and over with numerous cremation providers.

    Your loved one never leaves our care.

    More FAQ’s

    Are you the most affordable option?

    In Clark County, Cowlitz County, and Skamania County yes we are. However, we offer upgraded services to still serve those looking for additional values and offerings to fit their needs best.

    Do I need to have embalming?
    No it is not required by any state laws.

    Can I get a free cremation?
    Possibly. Certain requirements apply. Contact All County for complete details at 360.718.7948.

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