Often individuals provide for final expenses using their savings or by relying on friends and relatives for financial assistance. Do you want to leave your loved ones with an unexpected financial burden?

By planning your funeral/cremation wishes in advance with All County Cremation & Burial Services you can:

  • Remove the emotional, as well as financial burden so family members won’t have to wonder, “Did we do the right thing?”
  • Control your own celebration so it truly reflects who you are.
  • Organizes family data so your family doesn’t worry about locating vital information.
  • Shows your sense of responsibility for family by making decisions, so family members won’t have to-saving them from potential disagreements.
  • Sets aside funds to help remove the unexpected financial burden on you family to pay for your final expenses
  • Helps eliminate the need for your family to determine who is responsible for, or capable of, paying for your services.

For further information please contact us and our licensed Funeral Insurance Agents will follow up with you immediately to assist with your options.