Veteran Services

All County is honored to have had numerous generations of our families bravely volunteer to protect our freedom.

Having the privilege to be located in the Historic Fort Vancouver Historic Reserve’s Red Cross Building makes any Veteran’s funeral or memorial service that much more special. Performing Military Honors in the Red Cross Building or next door at the Artillery Barracks allows every family the opportunity to say “Thank You” in a patriotic way.


The United States Government offers the following for Veteran’s and their Spouses in any VA Cemetery:

Free burial space

Free grave liner if required

Free opening and closing for a ground burial or niche wall cremains burial

Free memorial headstone

Free U.S. Flag for the Veteran

Free Presidential Certificate for the Veteran

Please note these privileges are for ANY VETERAN who enlisted in the United States Military and received an honorable discharge. This includes any Reserve enlistment and non-war era enlistments. The Government still requires the decedent to be buried or cremated by a funeral/cremation provider.

Contact All County for complete details.

For those who wish to not use a VA Cemetery, the VA will still provide the following:

  • Free Memorial Headstone for the Veteran only
  • Free U.S. Flag for the Veteran
  • Free Presidential Certificate for the Veteran
  • Military Honors

Depending on the service you choose, All County Cremation can help obtain military honors for the Veteran depending on eligibility and availability. This can include the following:

  • Rifle Volley
  • Playing of TAPS
  • Presentation of the U.S. Flag to the next of kin
  • All County requests that every family have access to their Veteran’s discharge papers (aka DD-214) or call/email in advance so we may assist in locating a copy through the Veteran’s Administration.

    All County Cremation and Burial Services will at no charge handle the services for any member of the United States Military, Police, Fire, Paramedic, or Search and Rescue killed in action.